Candle Manufacturing Courses

Candle manufacturing courses are not expensive if you take in consideration what the income potential of candles are. Candle making is the ideal business for people who do not have a lot of money to start a business. Candle making is easy to learn, especially if you are taught by a knowledgeable candle making artist that can provide you with valuable information.

The benefit of candle making is that it can be a home based lucrative and profitable business that you start at home. This means that you do not need to spend money on renting a place to work or money on transport to go to your candle manufacturing business. Candle making does not require a very big space. A candle manufacturing business is easy to set up and cost very little in comparison to other businesses to set up. It also means that you can make candles during times that suit you.

If you are working at present and do not want to leave your job, candle making is the ideal part-time business that will provide the extra income that you need. Once you have made your candle moulds, you can cast the candles when the rest of the family have been fed and put to bed. The process of casting candles takes very little time. The added benefit if you are still working is that your colleagues will purchase the candles from you once they see the beautiful works of art that you've created.

If you can read and follow instructions you will be able to make candles. If you are busy making the candles and have a problem, do not stress, we will give you continuous support and mentorship for three months to get your candle manufacturing business up and running.

Most household candles are made from paraffin and are used to provide light when no electricity is available. It is not difficult to manufacture candles. A mould is needed in which the hot wax will be poured. Once the wax is set, the candle can be removed from the candle mould. This whole process is quick and easy. 

Candles can also be made from beeswax, soy, tallow or mixtures of plant waxes. Not all candles have the same use: Some are used for light; others for heat and some candles are made for special occasions such as wedding candles, birthday candles, celebration candles, novelty candles and candle collector’s items. Many people are happy to pay hefty prices for custom made candles, especially because they are unique and different. These special candles are used for functions and catering.

A novelty candle is a candle unlike the normal candles that can be bought in the shops. Novelty candles are used at weddings, ceremonies, given as gifts, used by catering firms, and so the list goes on. Many people buy candles, especially if they are different, because they collect beautiful candles. Some people use candles as ornaments, they never light them because they are so beautiful.

A novelty candle can take the form of a statue; can look like a corn cob, a shoe, a wedding dress, a Christmas tree, a pumpkin, a flower. If you can imagine it, you can make it. Because novelty candles are different than normal candles, they make excellent gifts.

Who will purchase your candles? Spaza shops and supermarkets will purchase ordinary candles. Businesses such as Gift shops and Wedding planners will purchase your novelty candles. Speciality shops such as Clicks purchase novelty candles for resale. Speciality (novelty) candles are also used at funerals, in churches, the above being only a few examples.